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Posted By on October 8, 2013

As you prepare for your next important meeting, consider how you will connect with your audience. By doing so, you will earn the audience’s attention and be afforded the opportunity to influence them.



  • Who is your audience and what do they care about?
  • Why should this specific audience care what you have to say in this meeting?
  • Does this audience consider you to be credible? Or, do you need to establish your credibility?
  • What action(s) do you want the audience to take after the meeting?

Connections are made when the audience feels valued, understood and respected. A good way to start is with an acknowledgement of who they are and what they care about. For example,

“As customer support professionals, I know you care about our customer’s experience when they call us. Today you will learn about plans for upgrading the phone system and how that upgrade will help you serve our customers better.”

If necessary, establish credibility with your audience. For example,

“You may be wondering why the head of finance is leading a branding session. Good question! Few of you probably know this but before I became a CPA, I worked in my father’s advertising agency. I learned first-hand the value of a strong brand and have had respect for branding ever since. Today, you’ve been asked to participate in this session because you are viewed as someone who embodies our brand.”

Notice how the audience is also acknowledged for their credibility.

The call to act, connects each audience member to you and your message. For example,

“I hope you will join me to support our green initiative by recycling, carpooling and turning off devices when not in use.”

Connecting with your audience is fundamental to effective communication. Speaking for impact is not an accident. It’s a skill. How do you connect with your audiences? Let us know by posting a comment.


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