Coaching and Training

Media and Presentation Coaching

Private one-to-one coaching, for many, is the most effective means to elevate a speaker's presentation and media skills. Coaching sessions can be tailored to the schedule and needs of the individual and privacy is assured. Where sensitive information is involved, in particular, private media and presentation coaching may be the only practical option. In addition to enhancing presentation and media skills, Grant and Associates can also provide message development, speechwriting, image consulting, wardrobe consulting and other related services. On-camera experience is included in all engagements. Flexibility, customization and privacy are clear benefits of a private media and presentation coaching engagement.

Media and Presentation Training

Training workshops are a popular format for organizations who seek to train groups of executives and project teams to be effective communicators and to handle the press. Grant and Associates offers workshops on-site and off-site on a wide range of media and presentation topics. We also develop customized programs with the topics, length, location and format of workshop tailored to meet your specific organization's needs.

Communications have become more complex and diverse in recent years. Virtual communication such as conference calls, online presentations, webinars, podcasting and video casting are now everyday communication methods. Distributed teams are now the norm and virtual corporations are increasingly common. Even start-ups today are "micro-nationals" with offices in multiple countries and cities even though they may have only a handful of employees. Effective communication skills have never been more important to corporate success and the variety of skills required has increased dramatically. Learning to communicate effectively in virtual modes as well as in face-to-face meetings, at the podium, with customers and in the boardroom is essential for executives.

Similarly, the media has also changed dramatically. In addition to traditional TV, print and radio journalists, executives now must deal with bloggers, online media, and cellphone-camera-wielding "citizen journalists". Even a casual company meeting can end up on YouTube making it imperative that executives and managers alike are well trained.

Training Workshops: