Speaking for Impact™ Testimonials

"When I saw your curriculum, your style and your approach in action with Aflac's senior team, I was amazed. I believe this is a program everyone would benefit from."
- Diane Kegley, President, SMA Global, Austin, TX

"There was not a minute in the day that I did not find valuable."
- Kate Donohue, Executive Consultant, Kaiser Permanente

"Immersive and sometimes confronting, the course gets right to your strengths and weaknesses and helps you improve where necessary."
- Scott Hannan, Vice President Business Development, Pelago, Seattle

"The on-camera practice was unbeatable."
- Theo Goguely, Product Marketing Engineer, DisplayLink, Palo Alto

"I should have done this years ago. What an important class for learning to speak effectively. Whether you are new to the subject or a seasoned lecturer, Speaking for Impact will bring your speaking to the next level."
- Heather Phillips, Entrepreneur, RawFood Bay Area

"I feel so much more confident and in control"
- Nikki Levy, Corporate Relations, Genentech

"Helped me raise my game and reach my career potential."
- Dale Philippi, VP and GM, Price Pfister, Black and Decker

"Speaking for Impact improved my ability to leverage my strengths and learn new techniques."
- Karen Kenney, Executive Director, Girls Inc. of the Island City, Alameda, CA

Television and News

"We may be in the communications business, but there are times when even our professionals need help, and that's when I turn to Judy Grant. Whether she's working with one of our main anchors or a newspaper reporter just learning to be on TV, Judy has a rare ability to support people's strengths and help them overcome any weaknesses. Her work is of great value to anyone who wants to communicate gracefully, effectively and persuasively."
- Dan Rosenheim, Executive Vice-President, CBS5-TV, San Francisco

"When your on-air people lobby for a chance to see the talent coach, you know something must be working!"
- Phil Alvidrez, VP News, KTVK-TV

"It's amazing the effect you have on people. Everybody on my staff comes away with gratitude and respect."
- Alan Beck, News Director, KEZI-TV

"Thank you for all the help and support you gave me early in my career. I was so lucky to work with you Judy and will be forever thankful."
- Christine Nubla, Anchor, Fox Sports, Los Angeles

Private Clients

"Presentation training is critical to your success in your professional and personal life in terms of how you position yourself. We all have our gifts and this is about getting the practical steps to hone in on your strengths. Whether you are selling, motivating, or developing a relationship… this is critical."
- Carrie Schwab Pomerantz, President, Charles Schwab Corporate Foundation and Sr. VP, Consumer Education, Charles Schwab Corporation, San Francisco

"I want to let you know that my talk at Mills last night was fantastic and I very much credit the training and support you gave me. I was able to deliver in a more conversational, engaging style than I sometimes have in formal presentations. I spoke for nearly 45 minutes, which I know is long. Not one person left during the talk and they almost all stayed for another hour asking questions, including the president of Mills. So, it was an interesting topic for them and I appreciate your help getting my message out.
- Karuna Jaggar, Executive Director, East Bay Women's Initiative for Self Employment

Corporate Clients

"The board of directors meeting went great! They approved the package unanimously! I believe your expertise and coaching made the difference."
- Kathryn Correia, Sr. VP, Theda Care Hospitals, Appleton, Wisconsin

"I received rave reviews about my performance this morning. My energy level and connection were much stronger. I attribute all of this to your coaching, advice and helping me take advantage of my natural strengths - it obviously made a huge difference. After being on the broadcast today with our President, he asked for training as well!"
- Ellen Takayama, VP, Macy's West, San Francisco

"Judy and I worked together to prepare me for a number of media interviews. I like presenting and doing interviews and I thought I was pretty good at it. In reality, I was OK, but Judy made me far better. When I think of all the consultants I have hired and the time spent on various areas of professional improvement, by far, Judy is among the very best values."
- Bill Maulsby, President & CEO, The Bus Bank, Chicago

"The client decided to transfer $25 million right after our luncheon meeting! The presentation, the practice, the pitch all led to this positive action because of our engaged work together. Thank you!"
- Sr. VP, Financial Services Company, San Francisco

"I just knew I nailed it. The difference between being "ok" and "nailing it" was directly attributable to the work we've done together. Thank you!"
- Stephanie Streeter, Chairman and CEO, Banta, Inc., Menasha, Wisconsin

"What you do so well is engaging me at my pace so I can break through. Your warm style makes this really fun!"
- Sheryl O'Loughlin, CEO, Clif Bar, Berkeley, CA