Media Training

Every media opportunity is a chance to put forth a compelling message to millions of people. Companies and high-profile individuals can use these opportunities to move their organization's agenda forward and to gain visibility - but these opportunities can be disasters waiting to happen without careful preparation in dealing with the media.

Media training is essential for executives and high-profile individuals who find themselves in the public eye. Grant and Associates brings years of experience coaching major city reporters, news anchors, sports figures, New York Times best-selling authors, and corporate executives to provide our clients with the best training available for print, radio, television, and online media.

With media training, our clients learn to:

  • Take control of an interview
  • Stay on message
  • Think on their feet
  • Navigate tough interview questions
  • Project composure and confidence
  • Conduct a successful news conference
  • Communicate messages effectively
  • Develop strategies for a variety of media (print, radio, television, online, etc.)
  • For TV interviews, where to look; wardrobe and makeup; gestures

Every instance of media exposure has equal potential to be either an enormous asset or an unfortunate setback. Our media training offers the tools to ensure every media opportunity is a success.

Media Training Options:
Media Training is designed for groups of executives from the same company. The program can be focused on a single medium such as TV or a range of media including: TV, radio, print, and online.

One-day workshop for 3-6 executives
Two-day workshop for 6-12 executives
Three-day workshop for 12-18 executives

Media training is available on-site or off-site. If desired, our training facility in the San Francisco Bay Area is also on option. Private one-on-one media training is also available.

Grant and Associates also provides training for TV professionals and PR Firms.

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