Human Resources

Developing the communication skills of your staff can yield huge benefits for your organization. Executives with strong speaking skills can move, motivate, and inspire people to achieve, change, and produce. Whether you are developing a "rising star", grooming an executive for a promotion, sharpening the skills of a successful executive, or preparing an executive for a new role the time may be right for elevating their presentation and media skills.

Grant and Associates has worked with C-level executives, vice presidents, general managers and directors in companies from the F500 to the F5000 and in a wide range of industries including financial services, healthcare, high tech, insurance, and professional services. We offer a comprehensive suite of services including:

Our services are available as private one-to-one coaching, workshops and public seminars in order to give you the option of selecting the engagement format that best suits your needs and budget. In fact, we can even design a custom program to your specifications.

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