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Grant and Associates works with executives, public figures, and other professional communicators to elevate their speaking and media skills to a new level. Our unique method includes identifying your strengths and providing personalized coaching and on-camera experience to amplify those strengths and transform your performance.

Founded in 1997, Grant and Associates has worked with clients in virtually every industry and leadership role from CEOs to vice presidents; physicians to attorneys; sports figures to authors; TV anchors to non-profit leaders. Effective, compelling communication is what drives the success of our clients and helping them elevate the power of their voice is what drives us. Whether preparing for a media interview, a keynote, a meeting, or some combination, our seasoned professionals can work with you to up your game.

Speaking for Impact® Seminars

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Presentation Training

Presentations offer powerful opportunities to move people. An effective presenter can inspire, motivate action, influence decisions, and persuade people. The power of your presentation makes the difference between success and failure. Every executive and leader owes it to their career and their organization to strive to fully hone and develop their presentation skills. Grant and Associates can help.

Media Training

In this age of new media, it is vital to be prepared not just for print, television and radio but for podcasts, webinars and videocasts as well. Grant and Associates works with clients to take full advantage of all forms of media opportunities to get their message across, be credible, handle tough questions, and, for visual media, to look good.

Executive Coaching

Good leaders are invariably good communicators. But becoming a great communicator requires deliberate effort. Like a talented athlete, every speaker benefits from professional coaching. It’s critical to improving. And, the better speaker an executive becomes, the more effective s/he is at compelling, persuading, and inspiring people. Grant and Associates works with executives to achieve their corporate and career goals by improving their speaking skills.

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