Presentation Training

Presentation training is focused on identifying and leveraging individual strengths for maximum speaking impact. Effective presenters are those who learn to refine their individual style to be compelling and memorable. In our 20+ years of experience working with executives, celebrities, TV professionals, and authors, we’ve found  the greatest and most lasting improvements are gained when the speaker’s strengths are identified and built upon by a seasoned trainer who provides personalized coaching. On-camera experience, feedback from peers, and knowledge of communication fundamentals are also used to help speakers fully integrate the coaching and experience the impact of their improved delivery.

Grant and Associates has worked with executives and leaders in industries as diverse as financial services, healthcare, high technology, television, government, and non-profits. We’ve worked with CEOs, VPs, directors, board members, TV anchors, authors, athletes, and industry thought-leaders. What our clients have in common is their desire to use their voice to make a difference. It is one of our greatest pleasures to help them succeed.

In our workshops, executives will learn to:

  1. Communicate gracefully, effectively, and persuasively
  2. Confidently get their message across
  3. Reduce the risk of rambling
  4. Establish trust with the audience
  5. Answer tough questions on the spot
  6. Pace for impact
  7. Combat nervousness
  8. Start strong and make the most of the first impression
  9. Master the power of the pause

Workshops include:

  1. Speaking Strengths Scorecard and Assessment
  2. One-to-one coaching with a seasoned presentation trainer
  3. On-camera experience
  4. Presentation fundamentals

Each group will have specific needs and requirements and we will adjust the program accordingly. The greatest impact is achieved with a small number of attendees and the use of frequent on-camera time. Depending on the needs of the group, we may cover how to set the appropriate pace, message development, whether (and how) to use PowerPoint, teleprompters, or other visual aids. We also show our clients how to modify their presentation style for podcasts, webinars, and other new media.

Presentation Training is available on-site or off-site. If desired, our training facility in the San Francisco Bay Area is also on option. Private presentation coaching is also available.

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