Custom Training

The unique training needs of your organization may suggest a custom training program is beneficial. The size, length, format, and topics of the training sessions can be designed to specifically address your organization's needs. Examples of customized workshops we've created for companies in the past include:

Customized Speaking for Impact® Seminar

Speaking for Impact was customized for a Fortune 500 company whose strategic plan called for frequent public speaking throughout the year to promote the company’s core capabilities. The CEO incorporated the training into the annual strategic planning session and requested private coaching for each executives. The program was tailored to provide specific focus on presenting and developing content for keynote speeches. The private coaching sessions afforded the executives the opportunity to hone specific skills appropriate to their Speaking Strengths and their target audiences. Following the program, a number of the executives requested the Speaking for Impact program for their own teams.

Presentation Training for Diversity Groups

A large appliance manufacturer wanted to encourage their diversity group leaders to speak with leadership authority and influence to the company and community leaders about their issues and work. A one-day on-site training was included in the annual diversity program.

Public Speaking Training for Senior Executives

The PR firm of a multi-national engineering firm developed an aggressive speaking agenda for the entire senior management team. The CEO knew from personal experience the powerful effect private coaching can have on an executive's speaking skills. He wanted to provide his team the personal and career benefits of private coaching and also prepare them to step-up to the increased demands he was going to place on them in the coming year. He asked Grant and Associates to develop and deliver a program during their annual week-long strategic planning meeting and to include one-to-one coaching for each executive.

Media Training for Marketing Executives

A large healthcare provider asked for a media training program that included new and old media for their marketing executives to be delivered during their annual marketing messaging launch event.

Presentation Training for the Current and Newly Acquired Management Team

A large networking company had recently merged with another company. The marketing and HR team partnered to offer a series of custom workshops for each level of management so they could deliver the combined company's message and consistently communicate the new organization's mission and structure.

Custom Workshop Options:
Custom workshops are designed to suit your specific needs. Please complete this form so we can advise you on how to best accomplish your goals. Or, call us at 510.523.1112.