Coaching for TV Talent

The coaching needs of people who work on-camera regularly such as TV anchors and talk show hosts are much broader than the people they interview. Television stations and media companies turn to Grant and Associates to work with their on-camera personalities. We help them develop the connection with the viewer that conveys intimacy, trust and likeability. Our founder, Judy Grant, was a successful journalist, TV anchor, and producer prior to starting Grant and Associates and has continuously worked with TV talent since the firm's founding. We've coached major city television and newspaper reporters for the visual medium and we coach news anchors, sportscasters and others in television, radio and online media.

Honing the skills of people who work in front of a camera every day is very different than working with those who appear occasionally. Our one-on-one coaching guides the talent through a process of adjusting speaking skills to develop a style that is effective for the many nuances of on-camera performance. Whether the talent has a great deal of experience in television or is brand-new to the medium, we always help them transform their performance through the specific and tangible takeaways that we offer in every session.

Engagement Options:
3 Sessions
6 Sessions
12 Sessions

We typically work with talent in the TV station on a regular schedule over a period of time. We also have a San Francisco Bay Area training facility.