Accent Reduction Training

Today's leaders and executives are drawn from the global community and increasingly English is their second, third, or even fourth language. While English has become the de facto language of business around the world, non-native English speakers may have accents that inhibit their effectiveness. This is also true for TV Talent who are culled from a broad range of nations and may be presenting to a largely English speaking audience.

Their impact may be blunted by the difficulty their audience, whether an actual audience or their team, peers, customers, investors, and recruits have in understanding their spoken communication. Accent reduction training can be a valuable investment for tapping the full potential of non-native English speakers.

Grant and Associates offers an exceptional accent reduction program designed to help those whose first language is Asian, Middle-Eastern, South/Central American, European, or African improve their spoken English communication. The emphasis is placed on achieving clarity and understanding rather than on achieving perfection in pronunciation.

Accent Reduction Training is available on-site or off-site. If desired, our training facility in the San Francisco Bay Area is also an option.

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