Teleprompter Training

A teleprompter is a device used to prompt a speaker with the text of their speech, remarks or script. It is for long or significant speeches or presentations where memorizing the entire text is impractical. A teleprompter is a powerful alternative to note cards or cue cards. Used correctly, the teleprompter makes it appear as though the speaker is speaking spontaneously or from memory rather than reading the words. And, used well, the teleprompter allows the speaker to more fully connect with the audience.

For a media event, a teleprompter will be positioned "in the camera" so that the speaker can see the text while looking directly at the camera giving the appearance of speaking directly to the viewer. Grant and Associates works with clients to take full advantage of the teleprompter.

Pacing is very important in public speaking and TV performance and the teleprompter adds an additional variable to the pacing equation. A teleprompter operator controls the flow of the text on the teleprompter screen matching the flow to the speaker's delivery. That pace is not fixed but varies throughout the speech. For this reason, it is helpful for the speaker and the operator to work together in advance of the speech or program. Grant and Associates works with the client and operator to ensure smooth coordination.

Freelance teleprompter operators are available on a contract basis and generally have their own equipment. Alternatively, personal teleprompter software can be purchased and used with a conventional laptop computer. Inexpensive versions have made it possible for teleprompters to be used by a much wider range of applications from sermons to lectures to rallies. Grant and Associates can arrange teleprompter services through our group of affiliates.

Teleprompter Training Options:
Teleprompter training is designed to complement presentation and media coaching services or as an addition to a private workshop.

Teleprompter training supplement to a presentation or media coaching engagement: 1/2-day

Teleprompter training will be conducted at the same location as the coaching or training session it supplements.

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